I have teamed up with writer/director MacGregor Greenley and producer Sofia Sada this semester to help shoot our undergraduate thesis film Harbinger. It follows Charlie Day, an employee of a courier service that delivers bad news, so you don’t have to. As an employee of the Bad News Bearers, Charlie has become sucked into a world of callousness, drifting away from any sort of sane or tactful interaction with the people he delivers his news to.

The story revolves around Charlie Harbinger who works for a bad news messaging service, where he is essentially responsible for having those often awkward, mostly uncomfortable and generally unpleasant conversations in which someone is fired, divorced or dying. He acts as a surrogate, delivering the bad news for you so you don’t have to. With a job like that you can imagine how light and whimsical his life is (read: not light or whimsical at all).

His story changes dramatically when he runs into Miriam Day who sort of forces her way into his life and ruins his perfectly timed, tried and true method of doing his job while avoiding any and all personal connection. When she shows up, a new narrative begins capturing the transformation of a militant isolationist, challenging Charlie to feel many of the things he has so long avoided.

Of course, we can’t spoil the ending for you, the only thing we can tell you is that the main character isn’t dead the whole time (Or is he? He isn’t). Instead we’ll ask for your patience and provision so that we can make any of it (the end included) happen. There will be comedy, there will be drama, there will be bad news to spare. If you want to see how it all unfolds, now is your chance to make sure you can. Donate today!